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Photo of OSSC President Krystine Chaparro

May 2017

Hello OSSC friends!

What a great meeting we had in April with Peter Lin and his talk on "Orchids for Every Time of the Year”. I hope that you’re all a bit more inspired to add some new orchids to your collection, and that soon you’ll be surrounded by beautiful blooms year round! We had four enthusiastic guests visiting as well as a special visit by former President Alfred Hockenmaier who brought a selection of his beautifully grown orchids for the show table. Another fabulous evening at OSSC!

Spring has sprung with some fresh ideas! Thanks to all who filled out my questionnaire regarding your desires for our society. We’re now planning some onsite weekend workshops including “Cymbidium Repotting and TLC” as well as an informal talk on “Greenhouse Set Up/Growing” with tea and snacks at my house. Email notices with dates and full information will be coming soon! We’re also brainstorming some enjoyable fields trips as the occasional jaunt away to visit orchids is always a pleasure!

Lastly, member Ben Boco has written an insightful and inspiring article on smartphone cameras in relation to orchid photography. Check it out here on our website or our Facebook page! Thanks so much Ben! Wishing you all continued happiness until we meet again, when we will roll up our sleeves for our member lead Phal repotting night.

See you soon!

Erin Maxick

orchid quote of the month

“There were orchids for sale, for one and two and three and five hundred dollars, a madhouse of orchids in every color, in every shape, with wide leaves and skinny leaves and no leaves at all, with fat jutting lips and lips cupped like thimbles, and with blackish-red hoods and freckles, with ruffles, with pleats, with corkscrew curls, big as fists, small as fingernails, smelling of honey, grass, citrus, cinnamon, or of nothing, not a smell at all but just the heavy warm quality that air has after it has been sitting in a flower.” ― Susan Orlean, The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession


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