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April 2017

Hello OSSC friends,

Happy spring to one and all!

Don’t you just love March? What a great time for orchid and flower lovers! Scott Barrie started us out with a bang, giving a unique talk on the “Latest Developments at Barrita Orchids: Cymbidiums and Sarcochilus”.

Over the course of the evening, he charmed us with his Australian accent and sense of humor while dazzling us with his substantial collection of photos! More than a few gasps were heard as we took in the fabulous hybrids and their stunning colors.

More recently, many of us made the lovely drive to the The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show (and sale!) as well as the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and Cal-Orchid open houses. Between those events, Alfred Hockenmaier’s open house and the wonderful sales by Art and Aurora Mendoza and Norma Jean and Charles Johnson, I’ll bet some personal collections have had a boost and we’re all a bit more inspired! My husband and I just moved into a new home, in large part due to the greenhouse on the property so I’m doing my best to pace myself as we’re gearing up for a fantastic auction in June! That being said, a few special plants struck my heart this month, and of course, I couldn’t resist them!

Looking forward, we have one of our favorite speakers, Peter Lin, coming in for our April meeting. I’m sure you’ve seen Peter either speaking, acting as auctioneer or selling his lovely plants but there may be some things about him you didn’t know! Peter loves orchids but he also loves to sing!! His first orchid was a mini Cattleya hybrid when he was 17 and now he has over 1000 orchids. Lastly, if Peter were an orchid himself, he would be a Neofinetia falcata, native orchid of his birthplace Okinawa and also a personal favorite!

I’m wishing you and yours a very happy spring!

Erin Maxick

orchid quote of the month

“The butterfly perfuming its wings fans the orchid" - Matsuo Basho


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