2003 east west orchid show photos

There are five pages of photographs from this event.  Thanks to Harry Sinanian for supplying the bulk of the pictures.  Additional photography and rendering by Ted Augustyn.  Click on the picture to see a large version of the photo.

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Will It Fit?
Early 3D rendering of OSSC's theme concept  
Dan Howell finds himself surrounded by the display
Scrub Scrub Here
Susan Roberts smoothes out the top of one of the "domes" of the Emerald City
Spray Spray There
Norm Franzle and Ted Augustyn (L to R) spray the base layers onto the columns that will house the lighting
The Long and Winding Road
Carol Beule helps create the Yellow Brick Road (with bending board and spray paint)
Piece by Piece
(L to R) Harry Sinanian steadies the pieces of the city already in place while Norm Franzle, David Dassey, and Jan Olsen position a new section and Alberto Ossa supervises.

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