ossc library procedures and rules

1. Only current OSSC members may borrow library materials.

2. TO FIND MATERIALS:  Most items are numbered. There are two lists you can review:

• Holdings in numerical order

• Holdings in alphabetical order by author

You’ll find things in numerical order on each shelf. Check each shelf to see if the material you want is on hand.


• Write your name and complete telephone number clearly on the card in the book pocket, usually on the inside front cover.

• Place the card in the envelope labeled for this purpose in the cabinet. Do not take the card home with you.


• Find the card you left behind in the cabinet. Strike thru your name with a single stroke, and initial the card.

• Return the card to the book pocket.

• Place the book in numerical order on whichever shelf it fits most easily.

• All items are due back the following month.

6. Many other reference books and journals are available but not stored in the small cabinet. You can check the listings saved in the envelope on the inside cabinet door or search the online database to see if we have what you’re seeking.

• In general, journals are not released; you’ll have to review them here during the meeting.

• Reference books may be used on site or loaned out. Remember, they are very expensive.

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