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Southern California orchid growers are blessed with (mostly) moderate temperatures throughout the year, allowing many orchids to be grown outdoors. In fact, fully 40% of OSSC members don't have a greenhouse! The photos on these pages are all examples of plants that have been grown in Southern California, both in and out of greenhouses, and come from the OSSC flickr group, which is open to all Southern California orchid enthusiasts. By default, the  "most interesting" photos are presented first. (Note: the degree of "interestingness" is determined by flickr's proprietary methodology.)

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Psychopsis 'Mendenhall'   
by orchid dude

Vanda hybrid   
by orchid dude

Vanda tricolor 'Damon'   
by orchid dude

Laelia purpurata on pine tree   
by orchid dude

by Abby Lanes

Orchids in Balboa Park   
by leadenhall

Who have left behind the chips?   
by littlevanities

My new neighbor - III   
by littlevanities

Orchids 2   
by Penny Green

View from our window   
by TomChatt
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