2002 east west orchid show

For the 16th year in a row, OSSC participated in the 2002 East West Orchid Show, held at the New Otani Hotel & Garden in the Little Tokyo section of downtown Los Angeles.  The show ran from Friday, October 24 through Sunday, October 26, and attracted thousands of orchid lovers from the Los Angeles area.

2002 OSSC East West Orchid Show DisplayIn response to the theme of "Orchids: Past, Present, and Future", OSSC members constructed a "morphing greenhouse" that represented Victorian, present day, and futuristic greenhouse styles.  Add over a hundred orchids, lots of member volunteer hours and talent, and you get a successful entry.  Click here for more pictures.  Click here to see the list of volunteers and members that supplied orchids.


Incorporating over 100 blooming orchids, the OSSC display won the following award:

  • Southland Orchid Show Silver Medal for Best Display over 50 Square Feet

In addition, the plants displayed within OSSC's entry won numerous awards:

Sc. Seagull’s Beaulu Queen ‘Latifah’ HCC/AOS Dan Dickey
Paph. Macabre ‘Dark Silence’ S/CSA Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. Jade Dragon ‘Green It Is’ B/CSA Paphanatics, Unlimited
Cym. ensifolium ‘Satsumanishiki” First, Best of Section: Miniature Cymbidium Paphanatics, Unlimited
Lc. Mini-Purple ‘Merle’ First, Tied for Best of Section: Mini-Catt. Dan Dickey
Den. Bangkok Queen ‘Nopporn’ First, Tied for Best of Section: Dendrobium Alliance Dan Dickey
Paph. Makmaster ‘Olivine’ First Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. charlesworthii First Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. Maudiae 4N ‘Four for Sure’ First Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. Wayne Thornton First Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. Snow Lady ‘ Pristine’ First Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. Iantha Stage First Orchids Only
Vuyl. Aloha Passion ‘Orchids Only’ First Orchids Only
Lc. Asahi ‘Volcano Queen’ First Orchids Only
Laelia dayana First Orchids Only
Blc. (Bryce Canyon x Fred Stewart) First Steve Myers
Rntda. Lily Aow ‘Dream City’ First Skip Paul
Mtssa. Olmec ‘Kanno’ First Alfred Hockenmaier
Ascda. Udomchai ‘Bart’ First Alfred Hockenmaier
Blc. Donna Kimura Paradise Tami’ First Dan Dickey
Phal. Paiho Lucky Stripe ‘Valerie’ First Dan Dickey
Slc. Wendy’s Redstone ‘Carmela’ First Dan Dickey
Slc. Hazel Boyd ‘Vi Love Song’ First Dan Dickey
Den. [Petite Cake x (C. P. Gem x S. White) First Dan Dickey
C. Joseph Madella ‘Blumen Insel’ First Dan Dickey
Phal. (Sara Lee x Brother Free Spirit) First Zuma Canyon Orchids
Phal. Malibu Moonlight First Zuma Canyon Orchids
Phal. venosa First Zuma Canyon Orchids
Paph. (Winston Churchill x Red Glory) Second Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. Jade Dragon ‘Green It Is’ Second Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. callosum ‘Simply Huge’ Second Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. [(Himori x niveum) x Hellas] Second Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. (Raven’s Flight x Macabre) Second Paphanatics, Unlimited
Vuyl. Linda Isler Second Orchids Only
Dendrochilum magnum Second Orchids Only
Blc. Ching Guu Sun ‘Carmela” Second Alfred Hockenmaier
Bc. Binosa ‘Kirk’ Second Dan Dickey
Paph. (Goultenianum x Maudiae) Second Dan Dickey
Phal. Luedde-violacea ‘Wayside’ Second Zuma Canyon Orchids
Phal. equestris Second Zuma Canyon Orchids
Phal. Be Tris Second Zuma Canyon Orchids
Paph. Ruby Peacock ‘Wide Pink Petals’ Third Paphanatics, Unlimited
Paph. Alice Bell Third Paphanatics, Unlimited
Colm. Spacetante ‘Evelyn’ Third Orchids Only
Paph. Satchel Paige Third Dan Dickey
Blc. Mem. Helen Brown ‘Sweet Afton’ Third Dan Dickey
Bollea coelestis Third Dan Dickey
Slc. Seagull’s Beaulu Queen ‘Latifah’ Third Dan Dickey



OSSC's success was the result of many hours of dedicated work by the following members:

Principal Coordinators
  • Alberto Ossa (display construction)
  • Alfred Hockenmaier (plant and volunteer coordination)
  • Dan Dickey (plant display)
Display Construction Team (In Alphabetic Order)
  • Merle Arnold
  • Ted Augustyn
  • Angela Chung
  • Dan Dickey
  • Astrid Ferency
  • Norm Franzie
  • Larry Freeman
  • Lumi Guy
  • Joe Herbert
  • George Hernandez
  • Alfred Hockenmaier
  • Dan Howell
  • Derek M. Kemp
  • Peggy Kline
  • Richard Klug
  • Estee Magid
  • Jan-Olof Olsson
  • Gordon Quan
  • Ray Rennebaum
  • Susan Roberts
  • Micheal Scarbrock
  • Harry & Sandra Sinanian
Plants Supplied By (In Alphabetic Order)
  • Linda Cadwallader (Orchids Only)
  • Dan Dickey
  • Dr. Harold Koopowitz (Paphanatics Unlimited)
  • Dr. Norito Hasegawa (Paphanatics Unlimited)
  • Alfred Hockenmaier
  • J & R Orchids
  • Estee Magid
  • Steve Myers
  • Paul Neumann
  • Skip Paul
  • Michael Scarbrock
  • George Vasquez (Zuma Canyon Orchids)
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